Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) are a nationwide network of nonprofit agencies created by Congress to be one-stop shops with information about programs, services and housing options. AAAs were born 35 years ago through the federal Older Americans Act to create home and community-based services that maximize the independence and dignity of older adults. AAAs play a key role in providing access services, planning for the future, creating new programs, advocating for the elderly, and developing and implementing a comprehensive system of home and community-based care. AAAs do not provide home care services directly, but work hand-in-hand with a network of over 1,200 service providers in Michigan including county commissions on aging, senior centers and home health agencies. They also work hand-in-hand with the state agency that oversees aging programs - the Office of Services to the Aging (OSA). OSA, AAAs and local service providers are called Michigan's "aging network."

There are 16 AAAs that serve Michigan's 83 counties.

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"Area agencies on aging shall, consistent with this section, facilitate the area-wide development and implementation of a comprehensive, coordinated system for providing long-term care in home and community-based settings, in a manner responsive to the needs and preferences of older individuals and their family caregivers." 

-Older Americans Act

Mission - Collective voice and action to promote healthy aging, dignity and independence.

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